100% Odor Elimination Limited Guarantee

No More Odor wants you to be 100% satisfied! Due to the degree and causes of the offending odor, no company can guarantee the offending odor will be 100% gone. At No More Odor we strive to remove as much as possible; we consider 90% reduction in the offending odor to be very successful, In fact the majority of the time the odor is 100% gone. No More Odor Guarantees that the odor will be less than prior to treatment. we will be more than happy to come back and retreat any area where you feel an odor still remains - without charge*. Please note our "Guarantee Limitations" below. *a nominal trip charge will apply

Guarantee Limitations: Hidden Causes:

When a strong odor remains after treatment it is usually do to a Hidden Cause, we do not guarantee our work. However, on a positive note, the smell coming from the hidden cause will be much easier to locate. *We now provide a free re-treatment, no questions however a nominal trip charge will apply

Some hidden cause examples:

  • Mold caused by a moisture problem
  • Dead rodents behind drywall
  • Cigarette butts in a closet or under a cupboard
  • Rotting garbage

The source of offending odor must be removed before the ozone treatment can be completely effective. Otherwise, odor will return.

note: Painting the surfaces in the house will cover the chemical that the smoke produces, but the smoke odor is trapped behind the paint. Ozone cannot penetrate the painted surface.

Our service areas includes:

Orlando, Kissimmee, Saint Cloud, Melbourne, Cocoa and All of Central Florida
Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Brevard County's and More.